21.700 MKD

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  • The precise ultrasonic measurement technology is the perfect fit to test precious metal bars
  • Usable for bars with at least 50/100g (depending on the geometry)
  • Quick detection of foreign metal inclusions
  • Complete penetration of the measured object with a thickness of up to 10cm

The package includes:

  • BarScreenSensor
  • Measuring head
  • Contact gel
  • Calibration plate
  • Instruction manual
  • 3x AAA batteries
  • Practical padded case

Information about BarScreenSensor

The BarScreenSensor is one of the most important measuring instruments for testing the authenticity of gold bars (and other precious metal bars). The ultrasonic measurement allows complete penetration of all common ingot sizes of more than one ounce and detects inclusions of foreign metals at differing sound speeds.

When buying bars, the BarScreenSensor can prevent large losses in value. Thus, precious metal dealers, banks and collectors can benefit from the BarScreenSensor both when buying and selling. Within a short time, you have tested a gold bar with the BarScreenSensor - entirely without test acids, completely non-destructive.The BarScreenSensor is excellently suited for silver bars. Even difficult to detect lead-tin forgeries with the same density as silver, which would be inconspicuous in a classic density test, are reliably detected by the ultrasonic device from Goldanalytix. The high weight and thickness of the heavy silver bars do not pose a challenge for the BarScreenSensor.

In the manual, the measurement procedure is described in detail. Clear pictures and a table of reference values make the application easy even for beginners.