Frequently Asked Questions

  • Gold in the form of rods or bars with a weight accepted by the precious metals markets and with a fineness equal to or greater than 995 thousandths.
  • Gold coins, with fineness equal to or greater than 900 thousand pieces, minted after 1800, which in the country of origin are or have been legal tender and are usually sold at a price not exceeding 80% of the value of the gold contained in the coin, on the free market.
  • Investment gold is exempt from VAT.

The legal framework is the same or similar all over the world.

Traders in investment gold or silver do not issue a certificate. This can only be obtained if it is insured by the manufacturer, refinery or mint. The certificate is issued on the basis of a serial number, and the coins do not have. If there is no serial number on the basis of which the certificate is issued, then the certificate has no value. All investment bars that we offer are certified by the manufacturer.

  • From our office with up to 183.000 denars in cash or via bank transfer without payment limits. 
  • Through the website, e-mail or phone with payment via bank transfer without payment limits and delivery with NIKOB-Secure transport.
  • Through the website, e-mail or phone with up to 60.000 denars via bank transfer with pick up from HelloPost branch.

Shipping insurance is included in the prices of all deliveries.

The images illustrate how the investment product should look like in a certain category. Minimal difference in appearance, year of production and serial number of the bars from the illustrated image is possible.

  • On world stock exchanges.
  • Manufacturer’s price.
  • Logistics costs.

The prices of website are renewed every 10 minutes, in reflection to the current market prices.

Possibility of replacing smaller products of gold and silver for larger ones. The smaller ones will be accepted at the buy price and the difference in price will be paid for the larger ones. This will provide an opportunity for investors to increase their investment in precious metals without losing out on the sale of smaller products.

Fineness 999.9 is considered 24 carats because it is assumed that 0.01% of other metal is always present in the refining process.

  • 24 carats (fineness 999.9) – 99.99% gold and 0.01% impurities
  • 22 carats (fineness 916) – 91.60% gold and 08.40% impurities
  • 20 carats (fineness 833) – 83.30% gold and 16.70% impurities
  • 18 carats (fineness 750) – 75.00% gold and 25.00% impurities
  • 16 carats (fineness 625) – 62.50% gold and 37.50% impurities
  • 14 carats (fineness 585) – 58.50% gold and 41.50% impurities

Taking this into account, we can easily assume, for example, that the price of 16 carat gold is 0.625 times the price of pure gold, given that the price of impurities is negligibly small.