56.400 MKD

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  • Check carats in gold jewellery in an easy and fast way
  • In combination with the included glass fibre pen and a file, it is able to detect numerous gold-plated counterfeits and imitations
  • No hazardous acids or expensive XRF devices for gold content analysis necessary
  • Portable and with long battery life - perfect for on-site measurements

The package includes:

  • CaratScreenPen
  • Pen probe
  • Cinch cable
  • Charger
  • Fibre glass pen
  • Instruction manual
  • Practical padded case

Information about CaratScreenPen

You want to know how much your family gold jewellery is still worth or if the wedding ring is really made of 585 gold? You want to guarantee that you don't buy one of the countless jewellery counterfeits?

These and many more questions can be answered by our innovative CaratScreenPen. With this easy to use jewellery tester, you can check the genuineness of gold (and also platinum) jewellery of every shape and colour. You'll learn within seconds the carat number of the present gold object and if the material corresponds with its hallmark (e.g. 585).The cleverly thought-out measurement system of this new gold testing device allows you to establish the gold content of almost any imaginable (jewellery) object. And all of this is possible without test acids, impractical measurement equipment or expensive XRF fluorescence devices.

The handling and the display of the results are very easy and intuitive, which makes the device perfect for private and commercial users. Jewellery with only a thin gold layer can be detected by also using the included glass fibre pen. You just have to put the sample on the CaratScreenPen's sensor field and make contact between the probe pen and another spot of the gold jewellery tester. After few seconds, the display will show you the carat number and the percentage of the gold content. This guarantees a high capacity of samples in a short amount of time - no comparable jewellery tester is faster.

Perfectly suited for the purchase/sale of gold jewellery! Buy the CaratScreenPen and be safe when trading with gold- and platinum jewellery! Please do read the detailed instruction manual before first use.