57.800 MKD

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  • Establishing the density of (precious) metal
  • Can measure objects of up to 1.5kg
  • Density establishment according to Archimedes' principle
  • Fast estimation of carats (possible in only 1 minute) - including density calculation tool for easier use
  • Universal testing method - also uneven geometries or surfaces are no problem

The package includes:

  • DensityScreenScales
  • Tweezers
  • Density Calculation Tool (Digitally requestable Excel-file)
  • Charger
  • Instruction manual
  • Aluminium case for carrying

Information about DensityScreenScales

You're planning to purchase jewellery, bars or coins - but are they real?

The DensityScreenScales density scales is the universal solution to this question because regarding the density, a gilded brass ingot differs extremely from the one of pure gold. The density is determined by the tried and tested method by Archimedes. To do so, the object is weighed with a filter under water, then "normally" and then the measurement is already done! These two different values allow you to immediately establish the density using a simple formula for your calculator.

Carrying out the measurement is very easy and the density's value is quickly established. This allows you an insight into the quality and carat number of gold or also first clues for eventual forgings. The density establishment of geometrically very uneven objects are therefore no problem. Besides ingots and coins, you can easily examine cutlery, candlesticks or picture frames for their specific weight. Just fill the scales' container with water and you can already start. After the realised measurement, you can calculate the density within seconds.